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6-Figure Paid Discovery Blueprint



Say Goodbye to Dead-End Proposal Writing — Forever! — and Get PAID to Land High-Ticket Clients

Discover why NOT pushing high-ticket retainers is the key to winning big, cash-cow clients who stay with you for years.

Because If You’re Like Most Agencies . . . “Proposal Writing” is Your #1 Profit-Killer

Time is Money.

And every hour you spend on proposals cuts into your bottom line.

So why are you doing FREE discovery work for prospects who might not even convert?

Why slave over their materials and research a prospect’s competitors . . .

Investing YOUR valuable expertise to create THEIR five-star marketing plan . . .

Writing, designing, calculating your quote . . .

Then delivering the perfect proposal and . . . CRICKETS.

The client doesn’t email back for a week (or maybe ever). Sound familiar?

So you’re left chasing them around . . . emailing, calling, practically begging them to acknowledge your WASTED TIME proposal and finally see your value.

And in the back of your mind . . . you’re wondering: how many competing agencies are doing discovery for them too — as they shop around and waste everyone’s time?

Inevitably, the client rejects the proposal and the cycle starts all over with the next prospect.

And on and on the cycle goes . . .

We say, no more!

Imagine Getting PAID Thousands to Onboard New Clients Who are Practically Begging You to Be on Retainer . . .

What if you could INCREASE your closing ratio and bring in 3-5 new clients every month without extra work? And get PAID to do it?

(Picks jaw up off floor.)

It’s not science fiction or an alternate reality. It’s a simple twist on the process you’re using now — a new way for agency owners to provide MORE value and grow their revenue.

This easy to follow acquisition method puts YOU in the driver’s seat — not the prospect. And with a simple shift, it positions you to:

Land new clients like clockwork — month after month.

Add a bonus revenue stream to instantly increase your profits.

Feel respected by clients who show up at meetings “pre-sold.”

Get paid for your thinking and expertise — not implementation and labour.

While the other agencies spin their wheels with discovery and writing proposals . . . you’ll be drafting contracts — and cashing big checks!

You might be asking yourself: ‘how can I charge for services everyone else is doing for free?’

And that’s the magical difference revealed here . . .

The Paid Discovery Blueprint

Paid Discovery is the game-changing system for PAID proposal writing that boosts revenue, shortens the sales cycle, and makes your agency the “no-brainer choice” for prospects — all without complex strategies or lots of extra work.


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John Casey Ceo/ Founder

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John Casey Ceo/ Founder

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John Casey Ceo/ Founder

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John Casey Ceo/ Founder

    An Anti-Proposal “Unicorn Strategy” for All Agencies

    Look, you’ve been around the block . . . and you’ve probably seen a ton of courses making big promises about growing your agency.

    So what makes the Paid Discovery Blueprint so different?

    Let’s re-iterate . . . the Paid Discovery Blueprint shows you EXACTLY how to get PAID $1.5-6K for discovery you were going to do ANYWAY. This simple feature changes everything — and cannot be overstated!
    Charging a fee brings MORE value to the client . . . because they don't value what they don’t pay for! (And it gives you a budget to craft rockstar proposals.)
    Paid Discovery speeds up the sales cycle and closes clients with up to 85% success! Mind = Blown!
    You’ll forever eliminate those desperate follow-up emails. The ones that go, ‘Hey, just checking in . . .’ Now, clients email you!
    The Paid Discovery Blueprint cuts out your competitors — because why would prospects seek other proposals while they’re PAYING for discovery from an expert like you?

    An 85% Retainer Closing Rate?!?

    Here’s the thing: when you apply the Paid Discovery Blueprint, your prospects aren’t prospects anymore — they’re clients who know, like, and trust you. And they’re ready to buy again.

    They KNOW you. Because you’ve deepened the relationship with more engagement.
    They LIKE you. Because your team is awesome and you over delivered.
    They TRUST your expertise. Because your proposal is the best they’ve ever seen.

    The Big Problem with Big Ticket ($10K+)

    We get it. Gurus tell you to never waste your time on smaller clients who can’t afford “real fees.” After all, those high-ticket services keep your lights on (and the Tesla charged).

    But how many of those clients are ACTUALLY converting for you?

    Wouldn’t it make sense to remove their risk with a small consulting package (previously called a “great proposal”)?

    (Because, really — who writes a five-figure check based on a cold Facebook ad?)

    Let’s rethink this . . .

    With the Paid Discovery Blueprint, you establish strong know/like/trust that makes closing prospects a breeze — way easier than if you sent over a five-figure monthly retainer proposal. (That’ll come next 😉)

    What You’ll Learn Inside the Paid Discovery Blueprint . . .

    Module 1:

    Why your best prospects WANT to pay you for your discovery work . . . and exactly how to get top-dollar — starting with the first phone call and ending with “discussing the next steps” (aka a juicy service package).

    Module 2:

    How to position your paid discovery service to make it easy for clients to say ‘yes’ to your offer and ‘yes, yes, yes!’ when it comes to working with you later. (Sales scripts included!)

    Module 3:

    The official blueprint for preparing a next-level proposal that creates undeniable value for your clients’ businesses — while giving you bulletproof confidence that you’re ready for the presentation

    Module 4:

    Exactly how to conduct a discovery presentation that puts you in control, makes the client respect your expertise and prepares them to buy — all without you having to lift a finger on implementation.

    Module 5:

    The proven format for packaging discovery deliverables for maximum impact in your client’s business (while positioning yourself as the go-to expert for implementing what you suggested).

    Module 6:

    Our sequential method for going from paid discovery to big contract. Whether it’s a website or a retainer, this module shows you how to structure your value ladder for automatic revenue ascension.

    Agency owners who take the Paid Discovery Blueprint course roll out this new method IMMEDIATELY with results starting in as little as 48 hours.

    “But Wait . . . There’s More!”

    Oh yes, we went there . . .

    Because the Paid Discovery Blueprint comes with EVERYTHING you need to put this plan into action TODAY and see results this week:

    The Paid Discovery Checklist

    What’s better than getting paid to do discovery work? Getting paid to have SOMEONE ELSE do discovery work!

    This bonus checklist makes using the Paid Discovery Blueprint so easy that you can outsource the entire system to your team as early as next week.

    It lists all the daily steps you’ll take — from pre-qualification, to delivery, to follow up — and serves as a foolproof roadmap for implementing Paid Discovery NOW.

    The Paid Discovery Pre-Qual Script

    No more time-wasting prospects! This script is what our coaching clients use to ensure only the BEST prospects get to the triage-call stage of the process. Not only does it cut out un-qualified prospects and save time — it creates client-value and clarity from the very start . . . just what you need in the later steps.

    Use this versatile script on a call, via email back-and-forth, or in social messaging convos. It’s guaranteed to land more clients, quicker.

    The Paid Discovery Facebook Group

    Our team is here to help you succeed . . . so of cooourse there’s a Facebook Group!

    This is your place to ask questions and troubleshoot any issues that come up as you implement this profitable new system.

    You’ll network with other leading marketers and learn from their mistakes and wisdom. There’s no better way to ensure your success than with this supportive community of peers.

    Join the Elite Agencies Charging Up to $6,000 for Discovery

    Grab Your Paid Discovery Blueprint & Save . . .

    Until last year, this proven system was ONLY available to our mastermind members who (gladly) paid $25K per year for access to this calibre of content and support.

    Now it’s available as part of our $997 Paid Discovery Method.

    BUT . . . because we believe it will save you a ton of time and heartache, we’re releasing the Paid Discovery Blueprint — a la carte — for only $97.

    And for a limited time we’re incentivising your quick action — with $50 off for the next 15 minutes.

    We’re so sick of agencies wasting time on free strategy sessions — that we’re giving you $50 off the already low price of $97 to encourage you to act NOW.


    Valued at $297

    $97 Now only $47!

    Note: We 100% believe NOW is the time you should stop working for free . . . so we’re adding all the urgency we can with this discount timer. (Yes — the timer actually works and the price will jump in 15 minutes.)

    Consider this your friendly swift kick in the butt!

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    John Casey Ceo/ Founder

    Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley

    John Casey Ceo/ Founder

      Our “Ridiculously Long” 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

      We get that you’re busy. The Paid Discovery Blueprint is designed to fix that (and you can start using it within 48 hours!)

      But in case you can’t implement the content this week — or this quarter — your investment is protected by an extra-long Money-Back Guarantee.

      You have a FULL YEAR to try the Paid Discovery Blueprint. If you’re not completely delighted with how it creates instant revenue and opens new accounts like magic . . . just email us.

      We’ll send 100% of your money back, pronto.

      Welcome to the Agency Mavericks Family

      Hi, I’m Troy Dean, Founder of Agency Mavericks — the coaching and training centre for agencies who want to grow and scale.

      And I’m delighted you’re considering the Paid Discovery Blueprint for your business.

      That’s because — as an agency consultant and former agency owner — I’ve seen way, way, waaaay too many dead-end proposals.

      I’ve beaten my head against my keyboard writing proposals . . . and watched my teams waste precious time on discovery.

      I’ve seen my consulting clients — who paid me $25K for single day of my time — say proposal writing was their #1 time-wasting profit killer . . . even for high-level agencies.

      Thankfully, we’ve discovered a solution that flipped the script and put agency owners in control: The Paid Discovery Blueprint.

      Now, all of our mastermind members at Agency Mavericks use service-based discovery packages to stop the waste of free work, shorten their sales cycles and close an astounding number of new clients.

      I truly believe Paid Discovery is the simplest, easiest way to grow your income. See for yourself — risk-free — with this special price on the Paid Discovery Blueprint.

      Not Sure If Paid Discovery is Right for You?

      Chances are, you’re going to love the Paid Discovery Blueprint and never go back to unpaid proposals. But we want to make sure it’s a good fit for you — right from the get go!

      Paid Discovery Is for You IF:

      Paid Discovery Is NOT for you:

      THIS is the Moment for Paid Discovery . . .

      Because in Just 48 Hours You Could Have a New Client on the Roster

      Every agency wants an overflowing sales funnel and high-value clients. Confident revenue. Predictable profits.

      But with more digital agencies entering the marketplace, it’s harder for legit professionals to cut through the noise.

      People are more likely to shop around. Facebook ads cost more than ever. And prospects think it’s 100% okay to waste your time on strategy calls and proposals (that they may not even consider!).

      What’s the Competition-Crushing Solution?

      Distinguish yourself as a marketing genius by collecting a FEE for your insights! Ironic, huh? But it’s easy once you know how.

      You’ll stand out like the superstar agency you are and — best of all — you’ll close clients more predictably and quickly . . . without wasteful unpaid work.

      Now is the time to join the elite agencies who are supercharging their revenue and closing clients at up to 85% . . . using the Paid Discovery System available here:

      Your Questions. Answered.

      If you have what it takes to deliver quality services to your clients (and you totally do!), then the Paid Discovery Blueprint has everything you need to make this work. You’ll deliver polished discovery presentations that make clients clamour to hire you.

      Clients love paying for discovery because it gives them confidence. They know you have what it takes to assert your worth, and that you’ll approach the discovery process with systematic care.

      (One well-paid agency owner ONLY sells discovery services and provides ZERO follow-up. Everyone wants to work with a unicorn. BE that unicorn!)

      All you need is the Paid Discovery Blueprint to unlock these special positioning tactics and finally charge what you’re worth.

      Forget the “high-ticket-only” gurus. The Paid Discovery Blueprint is a different animal.

      Paid Discovery adds instant revenue and removes the risk for big clients who got burned in the past by agencies charging 10K, 20K, even 30K for services that flopped.

      A low-ticket “get-to-know-you” project is the FASTEST way for more clients to climb your value ladder to that high-ticket summit.

      Paid Discovery is like a self-liquidating offer. It empowers you to spend more on lead gen without compromising your margins.

      Google Ads. Facebook ads. Networking. All these work with Paid Discovery. The only difference is Paid Discovery puts you in control and closes more clients.

      We’re 100% invested in your success . . . so the Paid Discovery Blueprint has a 100% money-back guarantee you can use for up to a full year. No questions asked.

      The Choice is Easy

      Because do you like writing UNPAID proposals? Or giving away your expertise to clients who are just window shopping?

      Of course not.

      Because earning $1,500 – $6,000 for the SAME discovery projects and having 85% of those clients sign up for your services is So. Much. Better.

      Grab the Paid Discovery Blueprint today (with all the bonuses) and enjoy more money in the bank and more predictable cash flow.


      Valued at $297

      $97 Now only $47!

      Your agency will never be the same . . .